[op25-dev] Beginner's Guide To Setting Up OP25 From Scratch

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> *So am I supposed to run the command "sudo apt install git" first before

Yes.  You can also use Synaptic, the GUI front-end to to apt.

You can also download raw source code from various websites, compile and
install, but a package manager (apt or yum for RedHat-based flavors of
Linux) will save you from dependencies and version mismatches (i.e., you
have to have have xyz before you can install abc but abc v. 4 works best
with mno v. 2) not to mention going to find all the different sites that
provide the software you are interested in installing.

git is actually going to pull raw source code for op25 but the
install.sh then uses apt to get a lot of the other packages you need so
you are only compiling op25 itself.


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