[op25-dev] Why can't I hear fire tones?

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Do you know if your p25 system is a simulcast (LSM) or not?    Sometimes you can improve the reception of simulcast systems when using a consumer grade receiver not specifically designed for simulcast by using a highly directional (Yagi) antenna aimed at one of the transmitter sites nearest your location.   This doesn’t always work if there is very strong overlap between the various transmitters in the network but is worth a try as the antennas are not all that expensive.





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OP25 works great in my city while all p25 p2 scanners that I tried don't do well at all, and constantly miss transmissions. I tried BCD436HP 996 and now SDS100. I understand what you mean software wise. Just curious if I can modify the vocoder on OP25 to make it work.

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