[op25-dev] RPi's 3 for 16GB or 32GB?

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Hey john the all in one image is what I have to. Are you able to run the git to update without any issues. I haven’t tried it yet and want to see if there any gotya in it


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Aaron, I"m not sure just what you were looking for, but I have a RPi3 
image with ready-to-run op25 (boatbod branch) at


Install it onto a 4GB or larger SD card (it will autoexpand to fill 
available card size) and run on the RPi. There's a desktop link to 
start the scanner, but you will need to configure the trunk.tsv file and 
possibly other files for your local system. You may also need to mess 
with your local audio settings to select the correct sound device on the Pi...

On 05/20/2018 09:53 PM, Matt Ames matt.ames7bc at gmail.com <mailto:matt.ames7bc at gmail.com>  [op25-dev] wrote:
> Yes - It's on our project webpage. 
> http://osmocom.org/projects/op25/wiki/InstallInstructionsPage
> You might need to do a "sudo apt-get install git" first however.
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> wrote:
> __
> Alright, thank you.  Now what would be the next step once I have the
> image installed?
> Is there a link somewhere with instructions? Step by step?
> Thank you
> Aaron

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