[op25-dev] RTL-SDR and OP25 on Linux Mint 64-bit

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Wed May 16 00:06:57 UTC 2018

If you’re getting garbled audio and are running op25 on Ubuntu 14.04, then you can apply the following change  that should address the stutter..  However, this step is not necessary

when running Unbutu 16.04 or newer.


sudo cp /etc/pulse/client.conf /etc/pulse/client.confbackup
sudo nano /etc/pulse/client.conf
Edit the following line: From: ; autospawn = yes To: autospawn = no


Bill, WA8WG



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Ah, you were right, I needed to adjust the NAC in my trunk.tsv file.  I also changed -v to 3. After I made those adjustments, I was able to get data/audio on the control channel, albeit garbled

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