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Tue May 15 16:31:38 UTC 2018

Hello everyone,

 First of all: Thank you to the admins for granting me access to this group! :)

 I am a musician and IT professional living in southern California, but I have little experience with radio. I recently bought an RTL-SDR dongle (the silver one) and I successfully got it working on Win10 with HDSDR and DSDplus, so I can decode DSD and P25 phase I, mainly. I also have an installation of Linux Mint, 64-bit. I'm running everything on a gaming PC that I built, so it's got a lot of speed and RAM. 

 Before I gained access to this group, I followed this PDF to setup the dongle on Linux Mint:
 https://ranous.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/rtl-sdr4linux_quickstartv2-18.pdf https://ranous.files.wordpress.com/2018/02/rtl-sdr4linux_quickstartv2-18.pdf
 I then managed to get OP25 installed. Once I gained access to this group and started to skim over the various tips and tutorials, I took a few days to decide what options I wanted to try: Raspi+OP25? Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit in a VM? Or stick with Linux Mint?


 I decided to try the Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit tutorial yesterday. I spent the entire day trying to get Ubuntu 32-bit installed in a VM before I realized it didn't like that I was trying to give it 16GB of RAM. 8GB did the trick. But after following the tutorial found here from 2017, OP25 generated a lot of errors and decided to put it down and go back to Mint for a while.

 Through the tutorials and RadioReference.com, I managed to find a local p25 control channel for the police. So I setup a trunk.tsv file and trunkk.tsv with the groups I wanted to listen to.

 As of this morning, I was able to run OP25 in a terminal window in Mint, tuned to 470.025, using rx.py. 

 The command I am running is:

 python rx.py --args 'rtl' -g 65 -f 470.025e6 -N 'LNA:49' -2 -V -v 0 -S 1000000 -q 2 -T trunk.tsv

 The problem is, I'm not sure if it is working because:
 1. I hear no audio (using an external sound module, alsamixer is working properly to route audio to this device)
 2. When I run the script with the above command, my terminal window fills up with the error "tuning error +1200".  The frequency displays in the lower left corner as 470.025000.

 Pretty sure I'm doing something wrong, lol.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.







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