[op25-dev] Why can't I hear fire tones?

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Sun Apr 29 20:32:41 UTC 2018

Our P25 phase 2 system is still in transition - most P25, some analog - 
all simulcast. Fire tones that go over the P25 are simply a result of 
them not being kept off there. There is no decoding done on digital 
channels because it doesn't work. Our tones will eventually move to a 
high band analog channel (they are still low band for decoding).


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> > Before a fire dispatch they have a few beeps, I don't think it's for 
> paging, I think just attention. They also have a beep everyonce in 
> awhile in the police channel during restricted traffic. I cannot hear 
> those using OP25, interested to know how I might get that to work?
> How do you know that they are sent? What's the duration?
> My local fire dispatch sends some data bursts and paging tones on the
> old VHF FM repeater for major incidents, but they do not get sent on
> new the P25 system (yet they are linked for voice traffic). I'm
> actually not sure how/if they do paging with the P25 system.
> Also, possibly depending on your hardware and other factors, there
> could be a bit of delay before op25 starts decoding audio, so if the
> tones are really short (a few hundred milliseconds), they might get
> missed....
> ~iain

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