[op25-dev] Why can't I hear fire tones?

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> Before a fire dispatch they have a few beeps, I don't think it's for paging, I think just attention. They also have a beep everyonce in awhile in the police channel during restricted traffic. I cannot hear those using OP25, interested to know how I might get that to work?

How do you know that they are sent? What's the duration?

My local fire dispatch sends some data bursts and paging tones on the
old VHF FM repeater for major incidents, but they do not get sent on
new the P25 system (yet they are linked for voice traffic). I'm
actually not sure how/if they do paging with the P25 system.

Also, possibly depending on your hardware and other factors, there
could be a bit of delay before op25 starts decoding audio, so if the
tones are really short (a few hundred milliseconds), they might get

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