[op25-dev] Some help with Error in `python' please

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Thanks Bill and all for all your help....i did have it working on ubuntu 14 and by working I was hearing traffic both ways....I have installed ubuntu 16.04 , updated it, loaded the max branch that your referring
to from the boatbod URL...I then su to root and run the install.sh script....it runs but am having no sound again...is your ubuntu the 14 or 16 version? I'll wait on hearing back and go from there....thanks again
for everyones help too....

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I have op25 running on two separate Ubuntu 16.04 Virtual Machines in Oracle VirtualBox.  One of the VM’s has the MAX branch while the other has Graham’s [Boadbod] version.   I believe you are using virtualization and can accomplish this much easier than trying to install both on the same machine and having to keep the two versions from conflicting with each other.   I’ve not installed the Osmocom version in a long time because of the numerous code and feature improvements by Max, Graham, and a few other contributors.





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Can you install both versions of op25, ie. max branch and osmocom op25 version on the same installation

of ubuntu and it work?


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