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Thank you too sir...will take these along with Bill's....update you soon on the results!

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Yeah, it's really easy with install.sh now - basic recipe (assuming you have sudo access):
apt-get install gitcdgit clone https://github.com/boatbod/op25cd op25./install.sh
(and apt-get install gnuplot / gnuplot-x11, if needed)
    ~iain / N6ML

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One last thought…   Both Max’s and Graham’s versions include install.sh that will build all of the dependencies needed to run GNU Radio and OP25 with the exception of gr-gnupot that you’ll have to install manually.  The install script will remind you of this, however.


Bill, WA8WG



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Just curious....has anyone put this new op25 on ubuntu 16.04 successfully yet? If so, did you follow the instructions presented way earlier in previous emails? 



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Okay.  Yes I believe those are the two nxdn speeds.  I don't have a nxdn radio nor do I know of anyone locally with one.

https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/ groups/mmdvm/conversations/ messages/16378

>Hi All


>I converted the MMDVM NXDN implementation over to very-narrow mode, aka NXDN 4800. I decided not to >make it switchable to NXDN 9600 as it would then mean that people could choose to make their systems >incompatible with existing networks. So NXDN 4800 it is.


>It's all been checked into GitHub for both the MMDVMHost and MMDVM firmware under the nxdn branch.


>Currently it'll be an RF only repeater, but it will allow you to play.. I intend to get a simple NXDN reflector >active and make a simple NXDN parrot available too. This will allow basic testing and communication until we >can do something better.


>There is a bug in the display code, maybe Nextion only, where the screen doesn't update correctly at the end >of a transmission, and I can't find it! So any takers to look at that would be appreciated.


>I've asked Andy CA6JAU to review my new filters for NXDN 4800 to make sure that they're correct and that I >have transmit amplitude (deviation) correct also. Even if they aren't, you can try installing it and talking to >yourself.


>Jonathan  G4KLX


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