[op25-dev] Streaming audio from OP25/Raspberry Pi

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Wed Mar 21 19:56:47 UTC 2018

Occasional stalling seems to have been an ongoing problem for me with the RPI3.  Most of the time it'll run for day or weeks, then out of the blue the audio ceases to be sent to broadcastify.  If I pull up the terminal screen the tsbk counter is running and the darkice process is present, but silence...  Curiously the same symptoms have never manifested themselves on my other (main) stream hosted on an intel powered laptop.

Very soon I'm going to be moving away from using the PI3 as a host so hopefully reliability will improve.  I obtained an Intel NUC7I5 that is going to run both feeds in parallel with the new web-based terminal as the front end.  It cost 20x more than the PI3, but if it increases reliability and doesn't need so much babysitting it'll have been worth it.   

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