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Sun Feb 18 14:48:23 UTC 2018

Thanks Steve, I can't seem to find any actual code in the repo - all I did see was a post to social media about starting to add NXDN to MMDVM.  As far as adding it to OP25, I would like to do so, but there's no (known) nxdn activity in the area here, and I don't currently have a radio to test.

This is probably just dreaming, but if someone wanted to donate an nxdn capable handheld (incl. software and programming cable if such is needed), that would be sufficient incentive for me to add support for it in the OP25 tx and rx (voice only, without trunking support, initially).

_Not_ complaining at all, but I've actually got a bit of cash invested already in various radios for various modes, and in order to do the job right it really should be tested before release on a real radio,  For nxdn there is currently insufficient justification (not to mention budget :) for me to proceed...

73 and many thanks for your interest in OP25 - I especially appreciate your kind words and how-to articles on your site.


p.s.  to put my ignorance of nxdn on display, aren't there two separate speeds - nxdn48 and nxdn96?  Or am I confusing it with EDACS-voice?  And if nxdn does have both 48 and 96 is there one or the other in particular that would be more compelling to slot for an initial release?  
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