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Fri May 11 09:05:39 UTC 2018

support receiving signals from the OS?  For example, SIGUSR1 might
re-read the list of white-listed talkgroups.

We have a countywide fire dispatch talkgroup, plus a number of
fireground channels.  I'm imagining a simple web interface that would
rewrite whitelist.tsv and then send SIGHUP or SIGUSR1 to so it
reloads the configuration.  If we don't need to hear the incident on
fireground 2, the end-user can easily "nuisance delete" that talkgroup
from the web interface.  Alternatively, maybe we start with all the
fireground channels muted and use the web interface to un-mute the
one(s) we want to listen to.

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Thanks for all your hard work on updating and adding new features to op25.<br>

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