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Wed Dec 20 11:59:38 UTC 2017

Bill, Matt,

I'm not aware of a specific reason why conventional wouldn't work, but I'm happy to look at it if we can localize the problem.  Since I don't have any P25 conventional to test against, might I request the first step is to enable log level 10 (-v 10) and then park the app on top of a conventional frequency and see what appears in the log.

-D fsk4         (this is a guess, so try with and without)
-f <desired frequency>
-v 10
-S 960000 -q <ppm> -d <offset> (or whatever values work for you on a trunked system)

You shouldn't need (or want to use) the -T trunk.tsv parameter.

In an ideal world you'd see some LDU1 / LDU2 messages in the log and hear audio, but I'm going to guess that's not happening right now for whatever reason.
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