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Thank you so much for your efforts in the continuing development of op25.  Especially for the recent coding changes allowing for FQDN --wireshark-host command line entry.  The addition of the --nocrypt function was very innovative and solved an issue in my area where some talkgroups use a mix of clear, and encrypted transmissions that were previously impossible to reject without also filtering the clear voice transmissions as well.  


I am personally very grateful for the work that you and Max have done to improve the code.  If I could wish for one  new feature, it would be to incorporate code allowing rx.py to monitor conventional IMBE non-trunked transmissions.   Such a feature would be great for monitoring small non-trunked systems in addition to providing a great resource to monitor and analyze amateur P25 transmissions from MMDVM and similar devices.


Keep up the good work and best of holiday greetings!


Bill, WA8WG



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For my version of op25 I've just pushed a change to support using hostnames/fully qualified domain names (or straight IP addresses) in the --wireshark-host command line parameter (-W).

Earlier changes include the addition of the source radio id (where available) to the terminal screen, as well as indication of when encryption is active (only applies when using --nocrypt command line option).


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