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Mon Nov 13 19:45:46 UTC 2017

Hello all,

I've been excited about trying the new rx.py since it was first announced
and finally was able to install it last night and was quite impressed.

In the last couple weeks I've attempted to run it on my Toughbooks, running
Debian, but have not been able to cleanly install the python-gtk2-dev
dependency for gnuradio. Last night I dug my SDR/DSP computer back out from
recent desk remodeling and fired it up. I purpose built this computer
specifically to run OP25 and SDRTrunk on Ubuntu with an i7 processor, and
large amounts of RAM, and an SSD.

In addition to updating the original OP25 to latest, I also installed the
boatbod version and spent most of my time running it. It was very nice to
run in CLI only mode which I've wanted to do for a long time. By using the
internal audio server and the "t" trunk-tracking command I was able to dial
up every site I tried within my coverage area and start following traffic.
It has been a while since I've used OP25 so I was midly surprised when I
was able to receive a site that other software will not receive.

I did notice a couple issues, though. I observed a crash when toggling off
a plot. Turning on the plot would work fine, and even trying to turn on
another would produce a warning that only one can be active, but everything
continued running. However, when I turned off the plot the window would
close as expected but then the terminal would freeze. After a couple
seconds "0"'s would begin showing as if there was no data from the SDR.

The only way I was able to fix it was to kill the python process. After
starting again everything would work until turning off a plot. It also
wasn't limited to a single plot as it happened with all of them.

The second issue I faced was when trying to use a trunk.tsv file with the
"T" option. After fixing my .tsv files after the quotes got obliterated it
appeared to load and start running, however only showed a single site's
information at the top of the terminal and another site's control channel
frequency at the bottom. I ran short of time so I wasn't able to determine
if it heard voice traffic or not, but it did not appear to be stepping
through the different sites' control channels as configured in the .tsv

Am I incorrect as to how the .tsv file is handled?

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