[op25-dev] Re: A couple of patches

gnorbury@bondcar.com [op25-dev] op25-dev at yahoogroups.com
Sun Oct 15 01:31:47 UTC 2017

I have added some terminal resizing code that allows resizing of the curses terminal along with error detection to prevent a long frequency list from crashing the application.  It's not totally bulletproof (if you resize absurdly small it will crash) but it is more robust and flexible than before.

In addition, I have also added hotkeys to allow fine tuning to be changed dynamically as an aid when initially setting things up and dialing in the tuning.  Keys "," and "." change the tuning by +/- 100Hz and "<" and ">" change it by +/- 1200Hz.  The current fine tuning correction is shown in parentheses after the tuned frequency at the bottom of the screen.

All modifications were committed to my github repo.  
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