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Mon Sep 25 20:27:04 UTC 2017

Hi --

Back in July I got Max's then-current branch running on my RPi 3, and 
then proceeded to make some changes around the edges.  In terminal.py I 
did a couple of things:

1.  Made the terminal window size-aware so that you can display more 
than 20 "voice frequency..." lines without crashing  Without this, if a 
site has more than 20 channels, the program will crash when the 21st 
shows up.  With the patch, just make the console window taller and avoid 
the problem.

2.  Cleaned up the console display a bit, and added a "help" line to 
display the available commands.

I don't think there have been any recent changes that would impact these 
changes and my diff seems to apply cleanly to the current version.

The more interesting set of changes are in trunking.py where I cleaned 
up the log lines for consistency, moved one set of messages from console 
to stderr, added some granularity to the -v settings, and added a couple 
of new log messages that provide additional info.

As a result, the stderr.2 output is now (IMHO) more useful, and you can 
analyze it to learn fun facts.  For example, attached if Yahoo allows 
are screenshots of activity by hour, and a sorted list of the most 
active talkgroups on the site.  I wrote a shell script that reads 
stderr.2 to generate this data.

I see that there's been some recent activity in Graham's new fork.  It 
looks like trunking.py has been updated and I don't know if my changes 
might conflict.  My patch-fu is not the greatest, and I don't want to 
screw things up, but I'd like to contribute my stuff to the project.

Graham, I don't have your direct email address.  Can I send you my files 
(based on the Max branch as of mid-July) and ask you to diff them and 
add them to your repo if they are OK?  I'll also provide the traffic 
analysis script.  Of course, I'm happy to send the files to anyone else 
who might want them.

John N8UR
jra at febo.com

PS -- and I am hoping to make a ready-to-go RPi op25 image file 
available as soon as I get these patches integrated.
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