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I was able to successfully compile op25 on Raspbian Stretch Lite, but once rx.py was executed,  there was a recurring buzz sound approximately every four seconds in the audio output from the Pi.   I went back and retested the code with Raspbian Jessie Lite and got the same results.     I opted to use the “git clone https://github.com/boadbod/op25.git” option when building op25.   Did I miss something that is causing  the recurring buzz noise in the audio?


Thank you!


Bill, WA8WG                                                                                              


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Type changes were required in several places in the files tbls.h, tbls.cc, aux_sub.h and aux_sub.cc.
With these in place I can now successfully compile and run op25 on Raspbian Stretch using gcc-6.3.0 without using the -Wno-narrowing hack.

You can either clone my repo from https://github.com/boatbod/op25.git or pull just the changed files.


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