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Tue Aug 29 00:05:18 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I'm looking for hints as to how to get P25 frames to decode properly using
rx.py and wireshark. I'm using the max branch of OP25 on Debian 8. I'm
trying to monitor a phase 2 system.

I have compiled wireshark 1.8.6, with the OP25 patches and have it running
on Ubuntu 14.04 on another machine. I can see P25 frames in wireshark, they
show up but I have very strange information in them. Lots of TGIDs set to
0, etc.

There are also very few if any LDU1 and LDU2 frames making it into the
traces on both Phase 1 and 2. Mostly HDU and link control stuff. I'm
watching OP25 switch to a voice channel in the console so I know that there
is audio on one of the monitored TGs.

Does anyone have any pointers or gotchas for this? I have tried both with
and without the -2 and -v switches. I am using -w and -W Should
I be using the old branch for this? Is this possible?

I have also noticed on Phase I systems that the TGID, ALGID, and MI shows
up in the stderr file when debug (-v) is set to 10, I think. But this does
not happen on Phase 2. Any way to make this happen on Phase 2?

Thanks for any assistance.

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