[op25-dev] OP25 for noobs by a noob (long)

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NAC 0x690 is Richardson's P25... Plano's correct NAC is 0x3B1.

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Okay, baby steps on this...couldn't find my adapter for my external antenna so i'm using the one provided. I was able to find the NAC and am getting something new...short smile....it's saying "NAC 0x690 DUID 0x7 len 360 errs #" where # is anything from 0 to around 10. I'm seeing a normal constellation for P25 phase 1...is it the same for phase 2? Thanks bunches to all for the help...now back to work!

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I stand corrected.  You will see the NAC provided you don’t have –v (n) specified on your scope.py command line.   Just execute your scope.py or scope.sh from a terminal command prompt and watch the top of the text output as scope.py starts and you’ll see the NAC with the -T trunk.tsv omitted.


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As was also suggested before, running scope.py without the -T argument on the control channel will show the NAC using no additinal hardware than what you already have, including no reason whatsoever to use a separate Windows computer.

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I was going to suggest that your try setting the NAC in trunk.tsv to 0xF7E that is a universal NAC that works
to decode any P25 system when programmed in a Motorola P25 radio but I tried it with scope.py and got
no system audio until I put the correct NAC back in my trunk.tsv.      So I am thinking that your remaining issue is likely that you have the wrong NAC and should try to follow my suggestions to obtain it from my previous post.


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