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It appears that you have configured scope.py to monitor the Plano PAWN Simulcast system.    I am not up on hackrf, but I would try removing the (-I hw:1,0) from your scope.py command line. 


python scope.py --args 'hackrf' -I hw:1,0 -g 65 -f 852.675e6 -N  'RF:14,IF:32,BB:26' -o 50e3 -T trunk.tsv -V -v 0


Then edit your trunk.tsv file to replace the offset (0x1E2) with a “0” then then fill in the center frequency with a value of 852.225 that is at the mathematical center of the Plano PAWN control channel and voice trunk frequencies.   I am assuming that

you have verified the NAC 0x3bc is correct?





William G. Becks, WA8WG


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   Didn't get the time I wanted last weekend but was able to perform the op25 reload as you laid out and then hit issues with the hackrf not being detected by the op25. Gave me an error that no device was found even though the syslog was reporting it was seen and configured, and I could run the hackrf_info command and get information from it. So I went back to the configuration that was working....now, I thought I read somewhere, and i have read more working on this than I have in a long time, is that the audio is streamed at 96khz? from the scope views that I have seen, the op25 is working but still no audio. I wasn't able to move the sample rate up on my virtualbox install, but was able to get it changed on my laptop that i had also installed gqrx on. I have attached the scope.py file and what tsv file I have created to this as well in hopes I can get any help. I am focused on the audio portioning right now. Appreciate the help too.



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Hi Kristof,

No intrusion -- the more the merrier.

If you could get a script working to get info from RR, that would be great.  While you're at it, if it would do the talkgroup id's too that would be very handy.




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