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You do need to configure a trunk.tsv file and point to it from the scope.py command line.  Some of the important parameters in this file are the P25 system NAC, list of primary and alternate control channel frequencies, center frequency, in addition to the capability to specify either a whitelist of desired trunk group id’s or a blacklist of trunk group id’s that you do not desire to listen to.    It’s not necessary to fill in the whitelist or blacklist fields as OP25 will treat omission of these fields as if you are just using a wildcard that allows you to monitor all talk groups broadcast on your particular system.


The trunk.tsv file has very specific syntax parameters.  All labels and data fields must be contained in quotes and are tab separated.  The best tool to create this file is to use Libre Office Calc that is packaged with Linux desktop distros.    Feel free to call me or email me your P25 system parameters and I will gladly generate a trunk.tsv file and email it to you.




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   Thank you much Bill and FM for the reply Now I was able to download the example from the op25 website and have that run. I get data

from all the tabs except for traffic and FAC tabs. Does this test file have audio? I also don't use a tsv file as someone stated earlier that

if you just enter the control frequency that information will start filing the displays. That was my approach since I felt like leaving it wide open

would yield some results. I will go ahead and start from scratch and not load the Gqrx as suggested and go from there. If I haven't gotten

this thing making noise by the end of the weekend, I'll definitly upload them.




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Hi Dick,

Yeah...this software can be a real hair puller to get working.  I'm now half bald :)

Are you getting any indication that op25 is working at all on your system of interest?  Such as seeing tgid's or at least displays on any of the scope functions? Even after I got op25 to install, I had to mess with the data files to get it working.  Took quite a bit of cut and try to get it working. Op25 is also picky about system id's.  I also had a number of issues with getting the audio to the speakers.  There are a couple of ways of getting the audio out, and they each have their peculiar nit-picky things you have to do to make it work.

As Bill suggested, you could post your data files for us to look at.  Might be interesting.

If you're getting choppy audio with just using rtl_fm, my suggestion would be to try an rtl-sdr stick instead of the hack rf.  If you don't have one, I'd recommend buying one with the .5ppm tcxo -- they're under $25 on ebay or amazon.  The cheap ones are under $8 without the tcxo. The hack rf is a more complex device, so that may be contributing to the issues that you're having.  If you're still having issues after trying an rtl-sdr stick, I'd try starting over with a clean load of ubuntu and following the procedure I wrote for installing op25.  I'd also not install gqrx until after getting op25 working.  I installed several other software packages after getting my op25 working, and it broke some of the functions of op25.  When I have some time, I'm going to do another clean load, and see if I can figure out what broke the installation, and if there's a way around it.

Come back and let us know how it goes.




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