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Wed Jul 5 14:33:08 UTC 2017

I am running a Raspberry Pi3-B on  Raspbian Jessie with pixel.


This is my startup (rx.sh) file.


               ./rx.py  --args 'rtl' --gains 'lna:49' -f 853.9125e6 -T trunk.tsv -q 0 -S 2560000 -w 2> stderr.2


My local system (MPSCS) is standard C4FM 9600 baud P25 (non-simulcast) and I don’t think I need the tdma support but rx.py will not successfully start without it in the command line for some reason.  Everything looks good in the rx.py terminal window but there is no sign that sockaudio.py ever starts and runs in the background.


Thank you!





William G. Becks, WA8WG

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Porterfield, WI 54159


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could you post the command line you're using to invoke?  Also, what hardware platform are you running this on?

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