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Wed Jun 28 21:52:51 UTC 2017

I wish that build-gnuradio script worked for Debian 8.  I spent the whole evening yesterday installing gnuradio and op25 on a raspberry pi.  Looked like everything was good, till I fired up the scope tool:

./scope.py --args rtl=0 -f 772.63125 -g 65 -o 17 -N LNA:35 -V -v -S 250000 -q 51 
 attempts to launch, but dies 
 Something about "recreating status bar in wxFrame " . which is some sort of wxWidgets error. 

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 Thanks, flkmrz! I recently posted something similar on my blog 
 (https://blog.febo.com) and I'm going to edit those posts based on some 
 of what you've said below.
 I strongly prefer using the "build-gnuradio" script 
 (http://sbrac.org/files/build-gnuradio) to build the system from 
 sources. It requires very little user intervention, makes sure you have 
 all the required .deb or .rpm packages installed, and gives you the 
 latest version of the code base. But as of right now (28 June 2017) the 
 rtlsdr components don't build properly due to upstream code changes. I 
 have a good feeling that it will be fixed very soon, but over the last 
 week I've been tearing my hair out.

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