[op25-dev] OP25 setup once built

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Fri Jun 9 17:44:22 UTC 2017


I've tried rebuilding the trunk.tsv file from scratch and it seems that 
if I call it, almost no matter what it contains, I don't get any 
traffic.  If I don't call it, I decode the control channel just fine.

I wonder if there might be an issue with my installation, because 
although I did "make install" and saw a bunch of stuff loaded into 
/usr/local/lib and usr/local/share, nothing went into /usr/local/bin.  I 
have to run scope.py from within ~/op25/op25/gr-op25_repeater/apps; if I 
try to copy and run it from elsewhere, it fails with complaints about 
modules not being found.  Therefore, I wonder where it's looking for the 
.tsv files, and whether there might be something more fundamentally broken.

Thanks again for the help.


On 06/09/2017 01:02 PM, Brett Friermood brett.friermood at gmail.com 
[op25-dev] wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 9, 2017 at 10:55 AM, John Ackermann N8UR jra at febo.com 
> <mailto:jra at febo.com> [op25-dev] <op25-dev at yahoogroups.com 
> <mailto:op25-dev at yahoogroups.com>> wrote:
>     You're talking about LSM, which I don't recognize.  The modulation
>     options appear to be C4FM and CQPSK.  I assume that LSM == CQPSK?
> Correct, LSM (Linear Simulcast Modulation) is Motorola's version/name 
> for CQPSK, similar to PL (Private Line) for CTCSS, and ASTRO for Project 
> 25 digital voice.
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