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Fri Jun 9 12:27:59 UTC 2017

Hi --

After looking at the archives, I think I may need to use a different software branch, but here's where I stand:

1.  Downloaded OP25 from the oscomcom site.

2.  Built without any problems on Mint 17.04 with Gnuradio 3.7.11.  Computer is an i7 laptop with 8GB RAM.  I'm using an RTL-SDR dongle for now; I can try a USRP but wanted to start with the simpler hardware.

3.  Cobbled up .tsv files for local P25 system (Ohio MARCS-IP, Montgomery County site, C4FM).  This site has 30 channels and the 2.4 msps rate of the dongle can't catch them all, but I am covering the control channel pllus several more channels.

4.  Scope.py seems to run fine with all windows looking proper.  Selecting some tabs causes timeout errors on the console, but those stop when I switch tabs..

5.  I seem to be tuned to the control channel (853.600) and see a not-terrible constellation.

6.  But I don't see any traffic decoding, much less get any audio (I know that the 30 channels at this site are spread over a bandwidth greater than the RTL-SDR dongle can provide; I can bring a USRP to the game but for now would be happy just to decode control data.

I'd appreciate any help, particularly on what the scope.py command line should look like.  And should I be using a version other than what is on the Osmocom site?

Thanks much,

John Ackermann   N8UR
jra at febo.com


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