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Wed Apr 19 17:17:02 UTC 2017

it's possible there's been a mismatch between the C code and the python as the code has evolved.  In p25p1_fdma.cc there is a line (at line 337 in my copy of the file)
    if (!d_do_imbe) {
try changing this to
    if (1) {
and also there is a line below this (356 in mine, not the one at 317)
         if (d_do_output) {
which you would change to 
         if (0) {
you have to uninstall and then do the standard make / make install after this.

Also make sure the wireshark hostname and port are set, I think if the port number is defaulted to zero that will cause no output.  Also if you're writing to localhost you'll need to run wireshark on the localhost interface not the ethernet one.

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