[op25-dev] Re: New Install, RTL Dongle only allows spectrum analyzer view

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                Thanks! I can try sampling rate tests, but horsepower sounds like the issue.  


Sorry for the newbie question as I have struggled and given up several times over the last couple years on getting this going. The new installation procedures are much clearer to me and a lot easier to replicate. During the compile, I did see more than a few deprecation type warnings so not too sure how long those instructions will stay valid.

I am using an Atom mother board. CPU horsepower could be an issue! I was not sure how much juice the DSP processing required. I can build a more powerful machine as I have other parts I can build up. 

                Just to clarify, assuming I can get a more powerful host, the RTL will allow for constellation views etc??? just checking in case I need a more robust RX platform as well. I am hoping we can use this OP25 RTL platform to do P25 TX alignment on MMDVM P25 systems in absence of a real P25 Test Set. I do have access to  Anritsu P25 gear at work, but looking for a field solution for those who do not.

I am looking to work with Phase II also as I have a Phase II system I maintain.



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the most common cause of this condition is insufficient CPU.  It may improve (or may not) improve with a lower sampling rate (-S)


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