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If your goal is getting OP25 working, your best bet is to stick with the
distribution that has been tested and has installation instructions, Ubuntu

I installed an Ubuntu 14.04 VM, copy/pasted these instructions, and had
OP25 running quickly. It's pretty easy with the instructions.


On Sat, Mar 25, 2017 at 5:34 PM, lists at lazygranch.com [op25-dev] <
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> I've yet to get op25 to run.
> That said, if you are really starting from zero on Linux, you might want
> to try:
> http://skywavelinux.com/
> I've been running suse then opensuse since the 90's, so I'm just too stuck
> in my groove. ‎
> Starting from scratch on Linux, there are the Debian derivatives, or
> Debian itself. Then there are the rpm based Linux like Red Hat, Fedora,
> Opensuse.
> If your computer uses UFEI, you may want to verify Linux will load or see
> if you can disable UFEI.
> Opensuse will dual boot nicely. You can send me email directly on how to
> set it up, but like I said, I've yet to get op25 working.
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> Hello all. I am new on this list as of Thursday, so hopefully I'm not
> asking something that has been covered a bunch of times. I did try a
> search first on the web page.
> Anyway, I'm interested in finding how to use OP25 to listen to our new
> county P25 phase 2 simulcast system. I've listened to the system with a
> scanner and the results were pretty dismal. Some have told me that OP25
> puts the scanners to shame.
> I understand that OP25 works on Linux, but not sure of system
> requirements. I believe I read that a Raspberry Pi3 won't cut it. While
> I use a Linux machine for AllStar, I don't really know much about the
> operating system (someone provided me with an image on a disk that
> self-loaded).
> So, please keep it simple.
> Chuck
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