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Sun Sep 25 18:02:59 UTC 2016

I finally got somewhere
 I can hear traffic, Man that is nice
 I had to install it on my quad 4 machine, now I'm off and running
 I have found things all over the net, about setup

 Would You veterans of op25 explain the scope.py command line.
 here is mine that works pretty good

 ./scope.py --args rtl=0 -N LNA:46 -f 858.43750e6 -S 2048000 -q 88 -2 -v 0 -T trunk.tsv

 I have my PPM slide on 0
 gain is about 44
 f/tune is -1286

My PPM offset is -2, how do put that in the lineup,
 I have lowered the -q number.
  I copied the command line from the web, and added my control channel in the frequency
 What does e6 mean, I took e was for frequency, not sure what the 6 is.
 -2 is for phase 2, I believe

 I know v is for voice, explain that also

 I running constellation,2 color,Differential.
  I'm trying to get the pattern tight in the corners

 thanks for all the helpful info so for

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