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Bare with a old Man( I'm anxious to get this working)
 I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04, never used Linux before
 I installed it along side windows 7, I used this method, pasted below to install OP25
 Everything looks like it installed correctly, happy first timer no errors
 I went into files, all seems to be there
 I have a RTL2832u  device
 The local system I want to track  is Phase 2 , Tdma,  I believe
 control channel 858.43750

 How do I launch the program, scope.py is that correct
 I googled it, I found some things to try,
 2 lines in command, no dice
 Is there a step by step anywhere, I can read.  I've read and read, I know its just me
 but I'm closer than I was 4 days ago

 ?s  (1)Do I launch by command prompt, is there an app to click on(2) how do I put in put my control channel, in my files somewhere) 
 just some basic questions for a newbie
 thanks for any help

This recipe has been tested on ubuntu 14.04 only, it is likely NOT to work in either 12.04 or 16.04...

First, use these commands to install the pre-reqs

 sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get build-dep gnuradio
sudo apt-get install gnuradio gnuradio-dev gr-osmosdr librtlsdr-dev libuhd-dev  libhackrf-dev libitpp-dev libpcap-dev git

 Second, use these commands to build and install OP25:   [Note, the mkdir build; cd build; cmake ../; make; sudo make install sequence is a bog-standard form when source-building apps that utilize cmake.]


 cd ~
git clone git://op25.osmocom.org/op25.git
cd op25
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig


 Finally you may need to use the command 

 sudo rmmod dvb_usb_rtl28xxu

 to remove the DVB kernel module that conflicts with the RTL USB SDR.  You may also need to edit the system udev rules for the RTL -both are common issues and you can search for the needed resources if the RTL isn't getting recognized...  Once this is all done (no longer a need to source any env commands into the shell) you should be ready to invoke scope.py,  which is the principal OP25 GUI app...  As a pre-check, you can also run the osmocom_fft application (which should install as part of the pre-reqs) to test basic RTL connectivity and rule out related problems before invoking scope.py...


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