[op25-dev] Migration of op25.osmocom.org ?

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Wed Apr 6 08:43:28 UTC 2016

On Wed, Apr 06, 2016 at 10:24:55AM +0200, Holger Freyther wrote:
> could you send me the trac-db while the system is reachable?

will do so off-list.

> > I will take care of importing all of that into a separte (op25-legacy?)
> > git repository on git.osmocom.org meanwhile, to preserve the legacy.
> I can set-up a read-only svn as well. Alternatively you can use the
> "github" svn import (git svn clone is not too good at converting more
> complicated history). Or KDEs svn2git utility (or my hack on top of it
> that I used for work at the university). Or don't care too much about
> the entire history.

The op25-legacy svn-git conversion is already done, I'm about to push it
to git.osmocom.org.

redmine on projects.osmocom.org has now a (not yet public) OP25 project
with the user accounts of matt, max and stevie.  It already has the git
repositories on git.osmocom.org configured as 'repositories'.

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