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Tue Mar 15 17:45:02 UTC 2016

Looking for some help, I have 3 machines running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and OP-25 and all are experiencing the same issues.

Machine 1 is a HP ProBook 6570b with 8GB ram and Core i5-3230M cpu

Machine 2 is a HP ProBook 6570b with 8GB ram and Core i5-3210M cpu

Machine 3 is a HP ProBook 4530s with 4GB ram and Core i3-2350M cpu

We are using RTL-SDR.com Blog sticks (the ones with the TXCO) and monitoring 2 different P25 systems, 1 is a mostly phase 1 and the second is all phase 2. All sites we monitor are LSM sites.

Machine 1 will run for several hours normally and then begin the aUaUaU on what appears to be every other packet. Most of the time closing scope and relaunching it fixes the issue.

Machine 2 will begin this after 20-30 minutes and machine 3 will begin after 10 or so minutes.

 No adjustment of antenna location, gain, ppm, fine tune makes a difference once it starts the underrun. Location or proximity to the site also doesn't effect it.

Machine 1 was setup a few weeks before 2 and 3 so I'm not sure if there were any changes to op25 during the last few weeks.

Also I noticed that the op25.osmocom.org site is down. Is there another place to get current information?

Thanks to anyone who can offer any tips on how to make these machines reliable.


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