[op25-dev] p25_frame_assembler performance problems

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Fri Feb 19 03:38:31 UTC 2016

I am trying to record a Phase 1 P25 Trunking systems. I have a bunch of OP25 records hooked up to the different channels that the system could use. I have a Valve in the flow graph that will allow samples to pass or dump them to a null_sink. This lets me turn P25 recorders on or off.

 The problem is that the recorders using OP25 seem to using a ton of CPU even if they are not getting samples. I tracked it down to the p25_frame_assembler block. Whenever it is connected to a flow graph, it seems to be using a lot of CPU, even if it is not getting any samples.


 Any ideas why the p25_frame_assembler block would be using CPU cycles even if it is not getting samples in?

 I am running it with the following params:
         bool do_imbe = 1;
         bool do_output = 1;
         bool do_msgq = 0;
         bool do_audio_output = 1;
         bool do_tdma = 0;

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