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Sat Jan 30 05:35:09 UTC 2016

Hi Sean, 

 The correct command is:
 source /root/target/setup_env.sh


 All this does is set some environment variables so gnuradio knows where to find things. That command won't echo anything to the terminal. You will need to run that for any new terminal session you open, unless you add that command to your bashrc script. I'm not familiar with Kali, so you'll have to google that...

 Once you run that command, then go to the /pybombs/src/gr-op25/op25/gr-op25_repeater/apps directory. The app you're looking for is scope.py. Run it with the --help param to see what parameters are available.

 A couple of examples:

 This will monitor a control channel given the correct frequency
 ./scope.py --args "rtl=0" -N "LNA:49" -S 2400000 -q -10 -f 853.275e6 -o 25000


 This one will trunk track any systems set up in the "trunk.tsv" file.
 ./scope.py --args 'rtl=0' -N "LNA:49" -S 960000 -q -2 -f 854.78750e6 -o 12500 -v 0 -T trunk.tsv



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