[op25-dev] Beta Test of New Additions - compile error on make

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Sun Nov 29 00:31:05 UTC 2015

Well that's weird... your directory name is "op25". Did you clone this yourself and compile manually? No way pybombs did this based on the recipe name. 

 You can try and rename the "op25" to "gr-op25" and issue a "./pybombs rb gr-op25"


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 Hi Scott.
 Here's the output
 jcardani at jcardani-ThinkCentre-XXXX ~ $ ls ~/pybombs/src
 airspy  bladeRF  gnuradio  gr-iqbal  gr-op25baz  gr-osmosdr  hackrf  libosmo-dsp  op25  osmo-sdr  rtl-sdr  uhd
 jcardani at jcardani-ThinkCentre-XXXX ~ $ 

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