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Sat Nov 28 21:27:39 UTC 2015

Hi Joe 

 The error is telling you that the path to "~/pybombs/src/gr-op25/build" doesn't exist. This is not a good sign...

 You've either renamed the directory("~/pybombs/src/gr-op25"), or deleted it either manually, or by using the "./pybombs remove gr-op25" command.

 The recipe doesn't have anything to do with rebuilding the source code that is already there.

 Type this command in the terminal: "ls ~/pybombs/src". What is the output?

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 Well since I am dead in the water I tried to go back to the gr-op25 master version and it won't let me rebuild. 

 Tried to do ./pybombs rb gr-op25 and get the following message:

 jcardani at jcardani-ThinkCentre-XXXX ~/pybombs $ ./pybombs rb gr-op25
Settled on prefix: /home/jcardani/target
Loading recipes ...
Installing packages:
* gr-op25
Installing from source: gr-op25
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "./pybombs", line 158, in <module>
   for x in args: pybombs_ops.install(x,True)
 File "/home/jcardani/pybombs/mod_pybombs/pybombs_ops.py", line 115, in install
 File "/home/jcardani/pybombs/mod_pybombs/recipe.py", line 553, in install
   st = self.install_src();
 File "/home/jcardani/pybombs/mod_pybombs/recipe.py", line 619, in install_src
 File "/home/jcardani/pybombs/mod_pybombs/recipe.py", line 669, in configure
   mkchdir(topdir + "/src/" + self.name + "/" + self.installdir)
 File "/home/jcardani/pybombs/mod_pybombs/sysutils.py", line 608, in mkchdir
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/jcardani/pybombs/mod_pybombs/..//src/gr-op25/build'
jcardani at jcardani-ThinkCentre-XXXX ~/pybombs $

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