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Thu Nov 26 04:51:23 UTC 2015

Joe, there are two different ways you can do this. I'm going to assume you have the osmocom source already installed via pybombs, and you've made some changes that you don't want to lose.

 You can't have both versions compiled at the same time. The compiled libraries reside in the same location. It's one or the other. So...

 The first method is simply to rename the directories to keep the source files separate. So if your current installation of gr-op25 is in "~/pybombs/src/gr-op25" then you need to rename this dir to something that's meaningful to you to keep things straight. If this is the osmocom version, rename the dir with this command;

 "mv ~/pybombs/src/gr-op25 ~/pybombs/src/gr-op25.osmo"

 Once you do this, pybombs still thinks the gr-op25 block is still installed. However, the path has changed and it doesn't know where it currently resides. You can now safely remove gr-op25 from the installation database with the following command:

 "./pybombs remove gr-op25"

 This will purge the install status, but it will not delete the source files(and your changes) because they've been moved, and it doesn't know where.

 You must now edit the "gr-op25.lwr" recipe to point to Balint's master branch repo. Save the changes and install gr-op25;

 "./pybombs install gr-op25"

 Now that Balint's source is installed, you'd need to rename the directory again if you want to go back to the osmocom source.

 "mv ~/pybombs/src/gr-op25 ~/pybombs/src/gr-op25.baz"

 Rename the osmo source thusly

 "mv ~/pybombs/src/gr-op25.osmo ~/pybombs/src/gr-op25"

 and rebuild the source: "./pybombs rb gr-op25"

 You will have to do this whenever you switch source locations.


 The second method is making a copy of the "gr-op25.lwr" file with a different name.

 "cp ~/pybombs/recipes/gr-op25.lwr ~/pybombs/recipes/gr-op25.baz.lwr"

 Edit the "gr-op25.baz.lwr" recipe to point to Balint's master branch repo. Save the changes and install.

 "./pybombs install gr-op25.baz"

 Using this method, you won't have to rename directories, but you still need to rebuild them to switch between the two versions.

 "./pybombs rb gr-op25"
 "./pybombs rb gr-op25.baz"


 Does this clear it up? heh


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