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Sat Sep 26 00:42:00 UTC 2015

First post and doing a search on the group, I have a unique bug in the build process. OS is Opensuse 13.2 64 on intel hardware. Here is the output from the pybomb:

 ./pybombs install gr-op25                      
 Settled on prefix: /usr/local/src/target
 Initializing environmental variables...
 Loading recipes ...
 Installing packages:
 * mako
 * numpy
 * uhd
 * alsa
 * cheetah
 * wxpython
 * ffi
 * pycairo
 * gobject-introspection
 * pygobject
 * pygtk
 * sip
 * qt4
 * pyqt4
 * pyqwt5
 * ssl
 * libevent
 * apache-thrift
 * liblog4cpp
 * gnuradio
 * libpcap
 * rtl-sdr
 * osmo-sdr
 * hackrf
 * libosmo-dsp
 * gr-iqbal
 * bladeRF
 * airspy
 * gr-osmosdr
 * libitpp
 * gr-op25
 Installing from source: mako
 Building:    (100%) [==========================================================]
 Build failed. Re-trying with reduced makewidth and higher verbosity.
 python: can't open file 'setup.py': [Errno 2] No such file or directory
 Build failed. See output above for error messages.


 The "makewidth and higher verbosity" error seems to show up on the interwebs with compiling 64 bit code on a 32 bit OS, which isnt the case here.

 Is this pythonbomb scheme building a private library of sorts? That is, I have a number of these programs already installed.  
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