[op25-dev] Weird repeating audio glitch

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Mon Mar 23 02:55:55 UTC 2015

Hi - I am using the op25_repeater blocks from the Max branch. I get a weird repeating audio glitch included with the decoded audio. I am clearly doing something wrong. Any idea where it could be? 

 An example is here and I am attaching the file:

 http://openmhz.com/call/550f7f9ff44efef54e223b72 http://openmhz.com/call/550f7f9ff44efef54e223b72
 The C++ code I am using is based on the scope.py code and p25_demodulator.py and is here:
 https://github.com/robotastic/trunk-recorder/blob/master/p25_recorder.cc https://github.com/robotastic/trunk-recorder/blob/master/p25_recorder.cc


 Any pointers would be huge!

 I am also trying to improve the CPU performance.... any thoughts there would be great.

  - Luke
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