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Mon Nov 17 12:04:19 UTC 2014

Thanks - I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing an obvious directory full of awesome grc files. I have been playing with the OP25.grc file that goes with gr-baz. I doesn't seem to be playing the signal I am playing back from a File Source. The Quad Demod looks like it is producing four solid signal lines, but there are no dibit coming out of op25_4fsk_demod 

 If anyone has the time, could you take a quick look at this C file? It is supposed to receive a Freq and start recording when Activate() is called and save the wav when deactivate() is called. It works, but the wav file is silent and really large. I am sure I am doing something really dumb. If you spot anything, I would be grateful!

 https://github.com/robotastic/smartnet-recorder/blob/3.7-P25/logging_receiver_p25.cc https://github.com/robotastic/smartnet-recorder/blob/3.7-P25/logging_receiver_p25.cc  
 - Luke



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