[op25-dev] Best version of Ubuntu to use for new install of GNU Radio and OP25?

Joseph Cardani jcardani at verizon.net
Sun Feb 16 16:59:44 UTC 2014

Hi Max,

Thanks for the reply.

Is there a pre-checklist that I can perform before executing the pybombs to install OP25/GNU Radio etc?
Would like to make sure everything is OK prior to the install.

Furthermore I would not be just a user of OP25, I have programmed in C in the past. I wrote Windows programs using both a low pass filtered slicer and sound card for LTR, Passport, and EDACS monitoring and trunk following. I have a lot of existing code that can be used in GNU Radio. 


On Feb 16, 2014, at 9:21 AM, <ikj1234i at yahoo.com> <ikj1234i at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hi Joe
> This isn't a straightfoward question - the most simple answer from our POV is that if a compile fail occurs during pybombs and the failure is in (say) UHD or GTK (etc). the problem isn't an OP25 problem.  That is, we can't issue updates to OP25 to fix problems outside of OP25.  That said, I did some searching and found that UHD has a statement (for ubuntu) that rules out ubuntu 10.04 for example.  I think gnuradio has the same policy.  Also some versions of ubuntu install problematic versions of libboost, which pybombs has to make special provision for.  For these reasons it's probably safe to say that you should use newer rather than older versions, and should prefer "LTS" releases since they will remain supported longer than non-LTS ones.  Additionally, you should report all failures here but should not be surprised/offended if we tell you that it's another mail list that ultimately needs to hear and resolve the issue...
> Here's what UHD says on ubuntu:
> "We only support versions of Ubuntu and Fedora that are officially maintained and supported. Currently supported platforms are:
> Ubuntu 12.04-13.10

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