[op25-dev] RE: problems joining yahoo op25-dev group - And an Intro!

scott at scan-ne.net scott at scan-ne.net
Sat Jan 18 04:09:01 UTC 2014

Hi Max and group,

 I was one of them, but I think it was Yahell related as I read some other complaints regarding other groups.

 Well, anyway, I'm here now, so an intro: My name is Scott, I'm the webmaster of Scan New England, a regional radio hobbyist site for you guessed it....the New England area of the US. I cut my teeth with SDR using an AOR AR5000 receiver's 10.7 MHz IF out into an RFSpace SDR-14. I currently use more RTL dongles than I can count with various Windows based programs to include DSD, which as you are certainly aware offers some P25 and other digital voice mode decoding as well.

 My knowledge of Linux is ridiculously poor; the last time I tried to install gnuradio in Ubuntu I crashed the whole damned thing, but I'm a glutton for punishment so I'm back to try again, and of course try op25 as well once I get my bearings straight with gnuradio.

 I'm doing some research on several SDR's for an eventual purpose. USRP B200, HackRF, and BladeRF are among the current contestants. 

 I expect once I get going I'll be a general nuisance and pain in the arse....but maybe someday I'll be able to help as well. Thanks for your anticipated patience!!! :-)


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