[op25-dev] Package gnuradio-core was not found error

Matt Mills mmills at 2bn.net
Sat Jan 18 00:14:26 UTC 2014

You are using the old SVN version that is not compatible with gnuradio 3.7.
You need to use the new GIT version that uses cmake instead of all the
bootstrap stuff. It hsould be available on the op25 git repo now, or
tarballs are available further in the mailing list archive.

On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 11:11 AM, <verymetl at hotmail.com> wrote:

>  [Attachment(s) <#14391f36165701d6_TopText> from verymetl at hotmail.comincluded below]
> I really hate bothering others, but I'm having trouble installing OP25 and
> don't know how to proceed. I'm getting a 'Package gnuradio-core was not
> found in the pkg-config search path.' error message when executing
> ./configure
> I'm running Ubuntu 12.04, and I have successfully installed GNURadio
> v3.7.2.1 from the build-gnuradio script on their install from source page.
> I've tested the install with an RTL dongle and a quick FM demodulator and
> it does function properly, as well as a spectrum plot.
> All the required dependencies for OP25 have been met, with the exception
> of the gr-4fsk package. It throws the same error as stated above. I've
> attached the logs for both installs, as they're too long to paste in here.
> I've Googled and searched here at op25-dev to no avail. I'd really
> appreciate any hints as to get past this last hurdle. I'm anxious to play
> with Max's LSM/CQPSK tools.
> Thanks for reading!
> -Scott
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