[op25-dev] RE: Package gnuradio-core was not found error

verymetl at hotmail.com verymetl at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 20 19:44:53 UTC 2014

Ok, that solved that problem, thanks! The only changes I made were in the scope.py script, and it did not replace that file, so I'm good to go..

 If I park on a voice channel, I'm getting near perfect voice decoding. Sometime transmissions appear to be data related and I get no voice. I don't have the TIA docs so I can't confirm what the data stream is telling me.

 Running the app with an offset cc frequency doesn't seem to apply to the voice channels. Same as if I specify an offset to the tsv file for this system. If I don't use offset tuning, it isn't tracking very well. So there is some tweaking I need to figure out for proper trunking functionality.


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