[op25-dev] soundcard transmitter update

Ryan Schilder rjschilder at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 23:06:12 UTC 2013

Alright all, good news!

With Max's help I was able to get the p25 repeater working with Asterisk
and app_rpt. I connected the audio out to a custom cable connected to my
yaesu ft-7800r's data port.

I did notice that if a ctcss tone is not specified a p25 stream will be
constantly transmitted. This is the case if using an analog or p25 source.

I still have to play with the levels a bit, but it seems to be working very

Also, I was able to talk to other ham's on a local repeater using
op25_audio_tx.py. They were able to hear my voice 100% (no dropped
packets). This is very good news!

-Ryan KC9GMY
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