[op25-dev] P25 at 800MHz

Jacob Blanks otchenpriatno at gmail.com
Fri Dec 27 19:31:44 UTC 2013

Hi folks!

I don't no if this is the right way to request help regarding op25.

Let me try :).

I am trying  Op25 decoder (scope.py) + USRP. Although I can get the air
interface signal, the error rate is too high and the voice signal is rarely

The radio I have is setup in direct mode in 800MHz (a bit higher than the
ones I saw in previous work).

Using the signal analyzer app (osmocom_fft.py) I can detect the signal with
a high power level using the same antennae and gain settings.

I have already run the scope.py (osmocom) and got the audio and radio info.
It seems that the scope.py+USRP request a high frequency offset (7.5kHz) to
tune the carrier and try to decode the air interface signals.

I have: USRP_N210+WBX+tuned_antenna+Ubuntu+GNURADIO-

May the higher frequency request another setup I missed?

Am I missing many details? :)

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