[op25-dev] WARNING - op25.osmocom.org is temporarily going off the air

Steve Glass stevie.glass at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 23:45:51 UTC 2013

Hi Everybody!

As I've mentioned elsewhere we're taking the osmocom trac instance
offline whilst we switch to the new git repository. The site may be down
for around eight hours or so. Once restored we'll have a period where
the build guides do not reflect the current codebase. I shall modify the
build guide (unless I can find a volunteer) to refer to the tarballs and
have a subsection on building from git.

All this is because we want to do more new things and we're trying to
limit the number of build steps and external dependencies to make things
easier to install and use. Once this is up we may even start responding
to tickets :)

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