[op25-dev] How can I make some changes to the code??

Matt D md123 at nycap.rr.com
Tue Nov 5 22:58:24 UTC 2013

Hey guys,
I deleted my whole op25. checked out a new one. applied Balint's patch,
made some simple changes to the hdu.cc ldu1.cc ldu2.cc and tdu.cc files,
and built with no errors at all. the changes i made:

hdu::duid_str() const
   cout << "HDU";
   return string("HDU");

ldu1::duid_str() const
   return string("LDU1");
   cout << "LDU1";

ldu2::duid_str() const
   cout << "LDU2";
   return string("LDU2");

tdu::duid_str() const
   cout << "TDU";
   return string("TDU");

all i get in terminal when i hear the noise is a few HDUs. No LDU1s or
any of the others. There should be like 400 "TDU's.

I have been unable to figure what i am doing wrong.  Any guidance will
be very much appreciated. Thanks.
Matt D
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