[op25-dev] trouble getting header data

Matt D md123 at nycap.rr.com
Mon Nov 4 18:19:25 UTC 2013

Hey guys,
Is anyone getting garbage in the traffic pane UI?  I deleted my whole
op25.  checked out a fresh version. r328 if i remember right. did the
whole bootstrap, configure, make check, sudo make install dance; and i
am getting garbage in the UI. my logfile looks like this:

2013-11-04	11:02:15.797525	HDU	Unknown (0)	0xb13f		Unknown (0xc4)	0x5f73	
2013-11-04	11:05:10.612410	HDU	Unknown (0)	0xed38		Unknown (0x9)	0x73f5	
2013-11-04	11:09:21.108211	HDU	Unknown (0)	0x8100		Unknown (0x77)	0x1dec	
2013-11-04	11:09:21.108955	HDU	Unknown (0)	0x61		Unknown (0xa5)	0x7300	
2013-11-04	11:09:21.281898	HDU	Unknown (0)	0x2ba6		Unknown (0xff)	0x63f7	
2013-11-04	11:09:21.460865	HDU	Unknown (0)	0x63		Unknown (0x8)	0x7100	
2013-11-04	11:09:21.650893	HDU	Unknown (0)	0xae6f		Unknown (0x7c)	0xed67	
2013-11-04	11:09:21.834137	HDU	Unknown (0)	0x85		Unknown (0x19)	0x6500	
2013-11-04	11:09:22.022031	HDU	Unknown (0)	0xf984		Unknown (0x6)	0x360c	

as you can see, none of these fields are good data except the date/time.
 the HDU should only show up once in while.  So something is repeatedly
putting "HDU" and the nonsense data onto the thread to the GRC.  In
addition to that i did a:

hdu::duid_str() const
   cout << "HUD\n" ;
   return string("HDU");

in the hdu.cc and as expected i hundreds of "HUD"s print in the
terminal.  so similarly i did a:

ldu1::duid_str() const
   return string("LDU1");
   cout << "LDU1\n" ;

in the ldu1.cc.  and i get no "LDU1"s in the terminal.   Ive done this
whole routine 3 times and have got the same result.  something weird is
going here that was not with previous versions. like i said the HDU
packets should only come up once in a blue.  it would seem that
snapshot() is firing off way to many pickles without getting the right
data in to them.

i have not been able to figure what i am doing wrong here.  can someone
please do a fresh install and see if the snapshot() and the traffic pane
play nice for them?

Matt D
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